A Guide to the World's Best Mountains to Visit

Wherever you go in the world, you will find some breathtaking landscapes, from idyllic islands to lush rainforests. A few of the most spectacular sights you will lay your eyes on are some of the world's tallest mountains - here is a guide to which peaks you should make sure you visit in your lifetime.

Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

It might not be as famous as Mount Everest or as tall as K2 in the Himalayas, but Mount Kilimanjaro is a great mountain to visit - and not too difficult to climb as well.

This peak is situated in Tanzania and is the tallest mountain in Africa. What's more, it is the highest free-standing peak in the whole world, so it's definitely worth taking a trip to the East African country to take a look at the magnificent spectacle.

You will certainly be impressed as well, as the mountain reaches 5,895 m - don't let this put you off, though, if you're keen on climbing Mount Kilimanjaro as it is one of the most popular mountains to climb. Many avid walkers - and even some whose fitness is rusty at best - reach the summit every year on a trip that lasts between five and seven days.


Mount Cook, New Zealand

You might be planning a holiday to New Zealand but want to fulfil your desires to go mountain climbing. In this case, we thoroughly recommend visiting Aoraki Mount Cook, New Zealand's tallest mountain at 3,754 m.

This isn't the only tall peak in this area though and it is among 27 that are more than 3,050 m - so even when you complete the climb, you'll have other adventures you can embark on while in New Zealand.

Walking isn't the only option here either - so holidaymakers who haven't been to the gym in a while can breathe a sigh of relief. This is a great place to enjoy a trip in a four-wheel drive or go horse-riding. For a truly special holiday, you could go on a scenic flight over the area, which will give you great views of Aoraki Mount Cook's snow-capped peaks.

Mount Cook across the lake

Mount Fuji, Japan

A few thousands miles away in Japan is Mount Fuji - the tallest summit in the country at 3,776 m. The image of this conical volcano with a top covered in snow is famous the world over and seeing it in real life will feel very surreal.

If you want good views of the mountain from afar, head to the nation in the colder seasons when the clouds have gone and visibility is clearer. For those who have their walking boots at the ready and want to climb the peak, visit here between July and August when the hiking routes are officially open.

And if you're concerned the volcano might start to blow when you're in the country, you don't have to worry, as its last eruption was in 1708 and it has remained dormant since then.

あけましておめでとうございます_Mount. Fuji in rose pink

Mount Everest, Nepal

This article wouldn't be complete without a mention of Nepal's Mount Everest - the world's tallest mountain.

At 8,850 m, this Himalayan peak really is a feat to conquer, and only a few professional climbers make their way to the top every year. You don't have to reach the summit though if you are keen on scaling the mountain (or at least some of it).

It takes nine day to get to Everest Base Camp, and despite it being a long distance away from the peak, it is still at an impressive 5,380 m - so it's hardly a walk in the park!

Mt. Shasta, Kevin, Dave, and Darcy

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