3 Tips for Eating on a Budget in Bermuda

If you're travelling on a budget, Bermuda might be just the perfect location for you. You might think now that eating out in Bermuda is way too expensive to even take in consideration. Bare with me for a moment and let me explain.

Caribbean near Tulum

At a first glance, Bermuda seems to have perfect restaurants only for the wealthy tourists. But if you take to heart a few tips you can find a great budget location to eat right here, near the city of Hamilton.

1. Instead of an expensive breakfast, make a stop to the Miles Market. You might not be mistaken that food is expensive in Bermuda, but if you go to the supermarket of Pitts Bay Road for a nice assortment of breakfast pastries and drinks you will be pleasantly surprised, ending up with a rich wonderful breakfast.

Bermuda Sunset

2. Most of us want to have some drinks while on holiday. There are three great bars on Front Street. Docksiders, has reasonable prices and occasional beer pong tournaments. You can find it at the far end of the Front Street. Other options are Café Cairo and The Pickled Onion. These place are usually very busy, but there is a reason for this. They are lots of fun to hang out.

3. Now, usually dinner costs more money but if you like Italian food you can opt for La Trattoria, on Reid Street; or a French romantic dinner at Bouchée, on Pitts Bay Road. I love English restaurant-pubs, so I would go to The Hog Penny, on Burnbay Street for a great English atmosphere.