Best Money Saving Travel Tips For The Philippines

Travelling to the Philippines can be an amazing experience. Pristine beaches, beautiful catholic churches, mesmerising views, volcanic adventures, diving and much more, there’s a lot to visit and do in the Philippines.

So, if this stunningly beautiful country is in your travelling bucket list, then here are a few Philippines travel tips that can help you save a lot of money and enjoy the amazing beauty of this inimitable destination in much lesser price than you have ever expected.

Book Early

One of the best ways to save money on your travel bookings is to plan in advance. The earlier you book, the higher are the chances that you would have to spend less as compared to the ones who book after you.

Don’t Travel On Weekends and Holidays

While the holidays are the best time to travel, but, if you book your flight or hotels for the weekdays you would be able to book for cheaper prices. Moreover, don’t travel on the holidays or peak tourist season. Plan a bit in advance and choose the days wisely to save money.

Choose Vacation Rentals Over Hotels

The Philippine vacation rentals offer you a much cost-effective way to spend your holidays as compared to hotels. They are not only economical but also, have given you better options as compared to hotels. You can book a lavish villa, enjoy all the amenities and stay the way you want. The vacation rentals give you the comfort of home at an international destination.

Eat from Local Eateries

Eating from the local restaurants and eateries is one of the best ways to save money, and in fact, an incredible way to explore the food culture of the foreign place. The cuisine and the delicacies of a place can be best tasted at the local food streets, and the Philippines is quite famous for its local Filipino cuisine.

Travel Using Public Transportation

Hiring taxis or private vehicles may cost you higher, and if you want to save money yet, visit the various tourist spots, one of the best ways to do it is by hopping on the public transport. In many tourist places, there are tourist buses for sightseeing, and they take you for a half day or full day tour, and have halts at various tourist destinations. This way, you won't miss a single destination, yet travel at lower prices.

Shop from Local Markets

When you are in the Philippines, you will get tempted to shop a lot of things, as they are not just cheaper but also are of high quality. However, if you want to save some more bucks, then don’t buy from the malls. Instead, visit the local markets, interact with some local people to find out the best markets and purchase from there.

Hire a Bicycle

For health conscious people, what can be better than visiting a new city on the two amazing wheels. You can get a bicycle for hire on much lesser price, and you can explore the surroundings and the city in a cost effective yet healthy manner. Moreover, cycling ill allow you to have enough time to behold the beauty of the place.

With these money saving tips, you would surely be able to visit the Philippines in budget and save a lot of money.

Photo by Kai Lehmann via Flickr Creative Commons
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6 Budget Holiday Destinations Which Yo Should Not Miss This Summer

Summer holidays are around, and you must have started planning for the season. However, sometimes our plans get cancelled by seeing very high prices for the air tickets and the holiday packages. If this is the case with you, then don’t worry. There are many ways in which you can save money on summer holidays while having complete fun with your friend and family.

So, if you want to go on a holiday this summer, but are looking for the best places and deals so that you can have a break from your day to day routine yet don’t have to spend a lot of money, then you can check the following budget holiday destinations where you can spend some amazing time.

1. Vietnam

Completely natural and unspoiled, Vietnam is not just a beautiful country, but also a cheap holiday destination for the summers too. The sweeping white sands and lush mountain scape sake Vietnam an amazing holiday destination for the summers, and the best part is that you can easily spend an entire day here in 10 – 15 Euros. Hanoi and the Ho Chi Min City are the best destinations where you can not only enjoy the natural views, but can also indulge in a number of relaxing activities.

2. Bulgaria

The black sea resorts of Bulgaria offer a mesmerising holiday experience. You can soak in the sun, enjoy the beaches, be the part of beach parties, have great food and drinks, and that too without burning a hole in your pocket. There is a plenty of cobbled lanes and old churches which you can explore apart from the stunning black sea coastline.

3. Argentina

From the rugged Andes mountains on the country’s western border to the jungles of the La Pampa, there’s plenty to do and see in Argentina. Buenos Aires, which has recently earned the reputation of one of the most exciting and amazing cities in the world offers an incredible nightlife. The food is amazing and you can enjoy a variety of drinks, all at low cost.

4. Greece

Owing to the ongoing financial crisis in the country, the cost of holidaying has become much lower than what it used to be earlier. However, if you plan to visit the most famous Greek islands like Mykonos or Santorini you might have to spend a lot of money. But, by staying in quieter Greek getaways like Skiathos or Paros, you can enjoy stunning scenery, amazing climate, delicious food and an array of drinks at half the price.

5. Ireland

The airfare prices for the Ireland have tumbled over the past few years,and that’s why its now much cheaper to land in Dublin than you expect. Also, if you want to save even more money, try booking he air tickets well in advance. Due to the high population of students in the city of Dublin, you can enjoy great nightlife here.

For the shoppers, Dublin is an excellent destination and they can pick up some amazing stuff from the Dublin’s weekend Blackrock Market. Overall its an amazing place and you can have a memorable vacation here.

You can check the most astounding deals for the summer holidays on MyVoucherCodes, where they offer incredible discounts and unbelievable deals.

Photo by Loi Nguyen Duc via Flickr Creative Commons
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How to Make Traveling With a Chronic Illness Easier on Yourself

Traveling with a chronic illness might slow you down from time to time, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy seeing the world. You may need to do a little extra preparation and adjust your pace to accommodate your body's needs to keep things fun and safe.

Know Your Limits

Depending on what health challenge you're facing, there may be some adventures that are outside your range of possibility. That's frustrating, but remember that you won't enjoy the trip if it's not well suited for your current reality. The best solution to frustration is to let yourself grieve for lost possibilities for a time, and then refocus on the things you can do and the places you can go. The world is a very big place with lots to offer. If your health situation makes it impossible to fulfill your lifelong dream of climbing Kilimanjaro or diving at the Great Barrier Reef, for instance, go ahead and be angry or sad about that, and express your feelings. Then start figuring out what you can do instead.

Learn About Medication

Involve your doctor in your plans as early as possible, and ask specifically about your medications. Drugs that are common in one country are often hard to find or even illegal in another, and counterfeit medications can be a problem in some countries. Educate yourself by running a web search on your medications plus your destination before you go. In most cases, the best advice is to bring all the medication you'll need in its original packaging.

Take It Easy

Don't overload your travel schedule. Running from one tourist attraction to another is grueling even when you're in perfect health. Plan to spend whole afternoons sitting in sidewalk caf├ęs and people watching. Don't skimp on lodging; stay in places where you'll enjoy spending time and have good service available. Break long overland travel into shorter trips and schedule overnight stays along the way. Choose easygoing travel companions who appreciate a leisurely lifestyle over goal-oriented types who will get frustrated by a slow pace.

Plan for Crises

Make sure your travel companions know what to expect, what you might need from them, and what kind of emergencies could arise. Research English-speaking doctors in your destination cities ahead of time (these are easy to find on expat websites and message boards) and carry their phone numbers with you. If you'll be on a cruise or at a resort, make sure any onsite doctors are aware of your condition. Join a travel health program like MedjetAssist that arranges emergency medical transport to a facility of your choice in a crisis. Be sure your travel companions know where you keep your insurance card, medications, and doctor list.

Travel, like life, is more difficult when you are facing chronic health challenges. You may need to adjust your expectations and modify your travel style to make your trip enjoyable. But with a few adjustments, you can see the world and have some life-changing experiences on the road, across America, or even around the world.

Photo by DeathByBokeh via Flickr Creative Commons

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5 Tips for Making Long Haul Flights Less Tedious

Flying long haul is now a fact of life, whether it’s for business, seeing a relative or celebrating a wedding – most of us will have to travel more than six hours in one go at least once in our lifetimes.

In a perfect world, we’d fly business class and lounge in beds for the entire duration of the flight. However, the reality is that we don’t have the bank balance of Kanye West and therefore have to ‘slum’ it in economy like normal people.

Flying long haul can be dull, often uncomfortable and, in such close quarters to a plane full of strangers, often irritating.

So how do you combat the tedium? We asked the experts at Travelbag who have done enough long haul journeys to provide these top five best hacks to get you through those long hours in the air…

1. Bulk download a box set

When it comes to sitting still for something, we’ll be good for about two hours. Give us a box set, and we could happily spend three days transfixed. So whether it’s Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Games of Thrones – get hold of a show that you’ve wanted to watch but have never got round to. It will kill a lot of time.

2. Sleep - with the help of a long haul kit box

What’s in a long haul kit box? Everything you need to shut out the outside world for a while, namely, earplugs, eye masks and a neck pillow. This is the kit you need to drown out crying children, bright lights and neck cricks – and you’ll thank yourself for it four hours into your flight.

3. Chat

The idea of striking up a conversation with the person sat next to you might strike fear into the heart of some flyers. However, if you’re going to be sat next to someone for a while, you might as well get to know them. Some of the most unsuspecting people have a great back story to them. However, if they’re adjusting their headphones or securing their eye mask while you’re telling them about the trip to Indonesia that you took in 2005, they might just want to be left alone.

4. Bring a change of clothes

This sounds strange, but we swear by this trick. Apart from assisting a fellow passenger who accidentally spilled a bottle of Sprite all over herself one time, these spare clothes allow you to have a halftime refreshment stop on your flight. When you start feeling a bit muggy, go to the bathroom, brush your teeth, wash your face and change your clothes. You’ll return to your seat feeling a lot cleaner and happier.

5. Learn something new

If you’re stuck in a seat for several hours, you might as well make it worthwhile. If you’re going to a country where English is not the first language - learn some phrases in their language. Bring a book that teaches you about the history of the place you are visiting. Work out a timetable of places to visit, if you haven’t already done so. If you’ve done that, feel inspired by your travels and work out a plan of action for the next twelve months - maybe another long haul trip somewhere!

Bonus tip: Try for an upgrade

Look, it’s always worth asking. If you want to see if you can blag your way through to the front seats, make sure you arrive early, you look presentable and you ask nicely. Flying with more comfort and luxury does wonders to the tedious nature of long-haul flying. Upgrades always work better when you travel solo, but it’s still worth asking if you’re travelling as a couple. 

Good luck!
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The Top 5 Beaches to Discover in Florida, USA

The Sunshine State of Florida proudly wears its name, which was officially adopted by the Florida state legislature in the early 1970s. After all, the sun shines over 230 days per year. And this is only the average. These record sunshine numbers have set the start for the tourism and vacation paradise that has transformed the state of Florida.

Following is a list of the 5 top Sunshine State beaches to discover and enjoy with your family and friends:

1. Key West

It shouldn't be a surprise that Key West takes the first position in this list. Locals often refer to it as “Paradise on earth.” They are not so far away from the truth as you might think. Key West is located just off the coast of mainland Florida. A short boat ride away from the Sunshine State lay the sugary sand beaches, clear transparent waters, and gorgeous sunsets. Adventurers can take advantage of the place to the fullest by renting a bike. This is a must-do for all travelers, who want to discover the countless picnic and romantic spots this paradise on earth has to offer.

2. Cape Florida, Key Biscayne

One of the most picturesque beaches in the state of South Florida, Cape Florida fascinates visitors with memorable lighthouse sunsets (and sunrises!) and tropical fish swimming around. Key Biscayne is perfect for family trips! The beaches are wide, and the water tides drop off gradually, so it’s more than safe for children to play in the water without having their parents too worried.
The ubiquitous wind creates the illusion that it is not as hot as other parts of the Sunshine State. However, beware and always make sure to protect yourself with a proper layer of sun cream.
The coastline offers a delicious variety of restaurants where you can enjoy fresh seafood.

3. Clearwater Beach

Clearwater beach spreads its white sand beaches along a narrow, 3-mile (4,8 km) stretch on the Gulf Coast. Whether your passion is all day long sunbathing, diving, swimming in the magical world of light-reflecting colorful fish, playing beach volleyball or maybe taking a dolphin watching cruise, this is the perfect place for you. The north side of Clearwater Beach is less populated, making it perfect for couples or families, looking for a more relaxing ambient.

4. Fort Lauderdale Beach

After going through a makeover - from student party Mecca town to a gorgeous beach resort, Fort Lauderdale, Florida has transformed itself into a desired summer destination. The long white beaches and transparent clear waters, reflecting the seemingly everlasting light make for a top choice vacation destination.

Similar to many European maritime capitals, Fort Lauderdale beach is located in front of a busy main road, bringing commuters and travelers from all around the city to Terramar road. Apart from convenient transportation, you will be welcomed by numerous bars, shops, delicious restaurants and many night activities to choose from.

5. Dania Beach

Last but not least on our summer is Dania Beach. Located not so far away from Fort Lauderdale (Fort L.), it is said that this beach is one of least crowded and even prettiest of Greater Fort L. Apart from the typical beach activities, you can also enjoy a quiet night at the fishing pier where you can also dine and admire the ever beautiful Florida golden sunsets.

There you have it, the top 5 beach destinations of the Sunshine State. Let me know your opinion about each one if you were so lucky to have visited them all.

For those of you who are reading this from overseas and think that painful visa applications might be standing between you and these gorgeous beaches, you are mistaken! Because traveling is easier than ever before! Submit your ESTA application fast and easily online and get your electronic travel authorization in less than 72 hours.

Travel worry free and enjoy to the fullest Florida, the Sunshine State.

Happy travels!

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8 Tips For Saving Money on Airline Tickets

As airlines increase the cost of airline tickets, saving money on a ticket may seem like a mere wish. Sometimes I used to wonder how some people managed to book a ticket for almost half the price I bought mine. Personally, I travel a lot and I have visited some of the most amazing places in the world. However, throughout my visits, I tend to get my tickets expensively compared to some of my friends whom we have traveled with in the past. This is something I had been thinking about until I recently discovered that there are actually tips for saving on your airline ticket. You only need to put a little more effort and you will be surprised how much you can save for your ticket. Below are some of the tips and tricks on how to save for your plane ticket.

1. Pick your traveling days wisely

The price of flying differs depending on the time, day and month of travel. There are websites that give you the opportunity to compare fight prices across a whole month. This means that you are able to see the days flights are cheap hence saving a lot on your ticket. A survey by a travel search company called Skyscanner found out that 39% of travelers confessed that they prefer buying their tickets as far as six weeks before the actual traveling day. The rest admitted that they book their tickets even months to years before that day.

A good example is during thanksgiving. Most people lack flexibility during this time. They wait until at least 10 days before their traveling time when they start buying their tickets. However, at this time, the prices will have started to spike up. This is in spite of the fact that the lowest ticket prices were available 60 to 70 days before the actual day. In such a case, people end up spending more on their tickets yet they could possibly have spent much less, therefore, my advice is start checking flights as soon as you know that you will be traveling. Most importantly, keep checking the flights until when there is a favorable price for the ticket. When that price is available, ensure you book it then since you are not sure when that price will be available next.

2. Sign up for airfare alerts and track routes

In order to be able to keep an eye on fare trends, you can sign up for Fare Tracker Alerts. With this, you will be notified fast when there is a sale alert and when there is the only limited number of seats. Acting quickly when there is a sale alert can save you a lot of money and can give you the opportunity to visit some of the most amazing places in the world and at the lowest price.

3. Take note of seasonality and holidays

The most important factor that influences the price of a particular flight is how much the flight is full. This makes sense considering traveling during holidays like during Christmas thanksgiving or spring break is more expensive than at normal times. The same applies to some destinations especially international ones which are very seasonal in nature. It is, therefore, imperative that you research on the low and the high seasons for places you want to visit. A good example is if you are planning to travel to Europe, you can find some interesting deals during February and March which is mostly low season. However, if you choose to travel during summer, you will pay almost double the price. If you are planning to travel to popular places at popular times, you should consider booking earlier since discount seats are likely to sell out quickly and under most circumstances, they are few.

4. Break up groups or families into separate purchases

Most people think that the more people they travel, the better the rate but that is not true when it comes to airlines. Here group discounts are few and far between. Most airlines limit the number of seats per flight selling at their lowest rate. A good example is an airline which has 2 seats remaining and they are selling them at $100 and a number of other seats are available at $150. If you choose to do a search for a group of 4 the price that will come back will be $150. However, if you search for 2 seats at a time, you can buy 2 for $100 and only have to pay the extra $50 for the last two.

5. Prepare for extra bag fees

Different airlines have different policies regarding baggage. Most charge for the checked bags while some even charge for carry-on baggage. You should take that into consideration while you are planning to buy your ticket. Some airlines require you to pay for your bags before your departure day by going to the airline website. If you wait until you get to their airport, you will be charged a premium for that.

6. Fly indirect

If money is the issue and not time, you can consider booking an indirect flight instead of a direct one. You can search for indirect routes which are usually far cheaper than the direct routes.

7. Mix and match airlines to get the cheapest flights

Different websites have search tools that allow you to mix and match your airlines to find the cheapest price and the best time to book them. You can save a lot of money by flying out and back with different airlines or from different airports. Mix and match option come in handy when:
· The best possible fare for a route requires you to travel on one airline coming in and on another airline going out and
· When the airline with the most convenient outbound flight does not have a convenient return flight or vice versa.

8. Consider getting an air pass

In order to promote tourism in their countries, many countries have gone out of their way to offer air passes at the reduced rate for tourists. Therefore, if you are planning an extensive travel in one region or a country, an air pass can come in handy as far as saving on cost is concerned.

With these 8 tips and tricks, you can be guaranteed this is the last time you are buying an airline ticket expensively. There are a few other tips that are not included here but these are the major ones. Ensure you follow some of these tips and you will be surprised how much you can actually save on your ticket.

Author Bio:

Evans Lily is the founder of SkyWeFly, where she and her associates blog about photographs, stories and travel tips that will help you make a great journey. She hopes to bring her passion to more people via SkyWeFly.

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Tips for Visiting the Singapore Zoo

If you travel with kids, then you know that planning is the key to enjoying any trip. That certainly includes making plans when you want to bring the kids to the world-famous Singapore Zoo. With over 2,500 animals that cover a little over 300 species, there is a lot to see here. But just because it is huge, and the open concept of the zoo means you get to see the animals in a more natural habitat, you will need a few tips to make the most of the trip. Here are some that are bound to improve the experience.

Get There Early

The zoo opens at 8:30 and you want to get there as close to opening as you can so you can have plenty of time to wander the zoo and enjoy it. It is also best to get there early so that you can avoid all the crowds that will arrive around noon. Another advantage, if are visiting the zoo in the summer, is that it can be scorching hot mid-day, so plan to visit the water park that is in the kid’s zoo section to keep your cool. Getting in early can also mean a chance to have breakfast with the resident orangutans, which will keep your kids chattering all day long. Get in early and head out as soon as the kids get cranky is always a good policy for places like the Singapore Zoo.

Do Feed the Animals

While many zoos and parks have signs, telling you not to feed the critters, this zoo plays it different. There are posted feeding times for many of the animals including the elephants and giraffes. When these times roll around, you can get in on the feeding fun by participating with the feeding. While the polar bear’s feeding schedule is posted, don’t expect to participate in this one. But watching these big creatures enjoy their fish snacks is reward enough. But check the feeding times; they do change with circumstances and the seasons.

Catch the Live Shows

Today’s modern zoos all have great live shows that help us to appreciate the animals we are seeing even more. There are two morning shows and two afternoon shows, and they are all worth planning to see. Whether you and the kids enjoy the antics of California sea lions or a playful game of catch with one of the resident elephants, it is all fun to watch.

There are also shows that highlight the jungle creatures such as lemurs and spider monkeys and a show with familiar pets performing such as dogs, cats and even parrots. Bringing the kids to these fun live shows gives them a context for all those great creatures they are viewing as they walk through the zoo as well.

Be Ready for the Weather

If you don’t live in the Singapore area, you might not be prepared for how much rain it gets all year around. Be sure to always pack rain gear, regardless of what the weather report says the night before. In addition, it can get quite hot walking around the zoo, so be sure to bring plenty of sunscreen, hats to keep those little heads shaded and maybe even a change of clothes for after the wacky antics in the water park.

So, no matter when you go, be prepared with these tips and you will enjoy the zoo and all its wonderful inhabitants when you head out. Your kids are going to get the trip of a lifetime, why not be prepared so everyone can get the most from it.

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