5 Trekking Routes to Try in Your Lifetime

There are treks that feel like a stroll in the woods, but there are those which also offer endless explorations, a great insight into this big, beautiful world. These adventures are an ideal way of ticking things off your thrill list and walking among treacherous slopes and dangerous heights amid the very best of nature and mountainside culture is a sure way to up the ante: both in terms of the eventual experience and also in terms of your heart rate.

The following trekking routes are like no other, for each offers something stunningly unique, something so spectacular that it has to be seen at least once in a lifetime:

Mount Kilimanjaro

It’s become incredibly popular now, but a Mount Kilimanjaro trek still counts as one of the greatest bucket list adventures today. Rising to a height of 19340 feet, Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest point of Africa, and the world’s highest free-standing mountain. Needless to say, anyone interested on conquering the greatest adventures on the continent will fall in love with a trek to Mt. Kilimanjaro. But you don’t have to be a seasoned pro to do this. There’s a reason why more than 20000 people climb this mountain each year. It’s not that hard, irrespective of your skill level. What awaits you in Mt. Kilimanjaro are 5 unique eco-zones that range from banana trees to massive glaciers. And once you climb to the very top, the gorgeous views of the surrounding savannah grasslands really make you fall in love with the continent. The wide range of climbing routes also ensures that there’s a perfect way to reach those mesmerizing views above the clouds. We recommend to check out the travel booking portal Bookmundi for price comparisons of different Mount Kilimanjaro treks.

Huayna Picchu

If you’re hoping to combine an archaeological experience with your trek, it doesn’t get better than Huayna Picchu. The legendary Inca Trail gets far more attention as the most celebrated route to Machu Picchu, the lost city of the Incas, but it’s Huayna Picchu that always promises a grander experience. The trek itself has been termed as one of the grandest hikes on the planet and catching a glimpse of the fabled city is surely a sight for sore eyes. The Inca Trail may ask you to navigate thousands of stone steps, but it really isn’t scary and it’s certainly not wild. Huayna Picchu surely is! The route takes you through exposed ledges rocks jutting out of the cliffs with nothing but a huge abyss below, slippery stone steps and cable handholds. You often wonder if it’s really worth all that risk, but as scary as it sounds, the trek is quite safe and the view above the ruins totally makes this experience worth it.

Grand Canyon Rim to Rim Hike

A Grand Canyon hike gives you an unparalleled insight into one of the greatest features on the planet. Considered to rank among the top 7 natural wonders of the world, the Grand Canyon bamboozles you with its sheer physicality, mesmerizing views and that jaw-dropping scenery. The best time to visit the Grand Canyon is between the months of March to May and September to November.

Everest Base Camp Trek

If you’re searching for a grand adventure, a trekking route that gives you bragging rights wherever you go, look no further than the Everest Base Camp trek. Coming close to the highest mountain on the planet without having to navigate its horrors and treacherous routes is surely an experience worth savoring. The Everest Base Camp Trek takes you to Kala Pattar, a place known to offer the best view of Mt. Everest on the planet. The route itself is an experience in itself as you pass through terraced villages, beautiful cultures, stunning rivers and majestic suspension bridges. You’re accompanied by the legendary Sherpas on your journey and despite the apparent dangers and gravity-defying feats, you’re always in safe and experienced hands, so the only thing you need to work about is basking in the beautiful scenery.

Tour du Mont Blanc

Tour du Mont Blanc not only lets you trek through three countries, but also presents unique alpine meadows, majestic mountain passes and glacial valleys that need to be seen to be believed. Stretching over 170 kms in Switzerland, Italy and France, this incredible journey offers trekkers a great adventure amid mind-blowing scenery. The region is also known for its exotic species and wild alpine goats aren’t the only creatures you get to see. This high altitude trail also presents all kinds of snakes, lizards and jumping fish and more marmots than you can possibly count. The best time to go for this adventure is between the months of July to September.

If you’re desperate for a vacation and need to leave everyday stressors behind, if you’re feeling a bit like Ash after all those Pokemon Go trials and tribulations, it is perhaps time to embark on an epic hiking trail. Bon Voyage.

Image by Stig Nygaard under Flickr Creative Commons
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The 5 Best Outdoor Activities in Steamboat Springs

A favorite Colorado resort town, in part, because it’s a real town in addition to being a resort, Steamboat Springs fuses two very different worlds - a state-of-the-art ski village and a genuine Western ranching center.

So apart from what you might already suspect to be amazing Colorado vacation rentals, Steamboat Springs also boasts wondrous outdoor activities that will invigorate even the most overworked of us.

Let's see some of the very best activities you can enjoy in this pretty resort town.

Strings Music Festival

Summer is a magical time in Steamboat Springs. Strings Music Festival offers an incredible array of musical programs, including classical, jazz, blues, and family-friendly music.

Pack your lunch for Strings’ Music on the Green at the Music Festival Park at Yampa River Botanic Park - the gardens are a stirring backdrop for a concert each Thursday at 12:15pm in summer. It’s a lovely way to spend your lunchtime, and many locals agree, so get there early to snag one of the free umbrellas to keep the hot sun off your head.

Instead of extensive program notes, nuggets of information about the music and composer are presented before each piece by a commentator. Should jazz, country, bluegrass, or pops be the music that thrills your soul, Friday night is the night.

If chamber music is your choice, don’t miss the Wednesday and Saturday evening concerts. The choices are diverse - the evening might start with a gentle Chopin nocturne and move to a Schumann piano quartet, then finish off with Brahms.

Hot Air Balloon Rodeo

Summer is the time of the year when a multitude of colorful balloons rises over Yampa Valley.

During the Hot Air Balloon Rodeo, more than 100 colorful hot-air balloons launch from Memorial Park, making this one of the largest balloon rallies in the country. Don't miss the Art in the Park arts and crafts fair and the brilliant performances, while you stuff your mouth with delicious crepes and sip a cup of coffee.

While it might be fun to witness it all from ground level, you can also take a hot-air balloon ride yourself. The most awe-inspiring scenery is, of course, over the Rocky Mountains, but you can take a ride virtually anywhere in the state.

Hike to the scenic Fish Creek Falls

Fish Creek Falls, one of the top waterfalls in Colorado, is just 4 miles from downtown Steamboat Springs in Routt National Forest.

A footpath leads to a historic bridge at the base of this breathtaking 283-foot waterfall and there’s also an overlook with a short trail and ramp designed for those with disabilities, as well as a picnic area and hiking trails.

The falls can be easily reached by foot, but some of the trails are also fit for bikes and even ATVs. The area offers pristine views of the Roky Mountains so just put your hiking boots on and have some fun in the great outdoors.

Summer Rodeo

Greeley’s Stampede comes to town for 2 weeks, starting in late June, and boasts the world’s largest Fourth of July Rodeo.

Hundreds of professional cowboys and cowgirls compete for over $400,000 in prizes at Greeley’s Island Grove Regional Park, with bareback bronc riding, calf roping, saddle bronc riding, team roping, steer racing, barrel racing, and bull riding.

Festivities include country and classic rock concerts, art shows, a carnival, a children’s rodeo, fun-runs, a demolition derby, barbecues, a parade and colorful fireworks.

Steamboat Ski Resort and Howelsen Hill

Steamboat Ski Resort and Howelsen Hill is a continuously used ski area in Colorado and home to nearly 90 Winter Olympians.

The most popular winter sport in Colorado is downhill skiing. Since the state’s first resort, Howelsen Hill in Steamboat Springs, opened in 1915, Colorado has been synonymous with skiing in the western United States - it attracts more skiers per day than any other Western state, and its resorts continue to win accolades.

The snowboarding craze hit Colorado just as hard as other winter-sports destinations and, after some initial resistance, has been welcomed with open arms. Nowadays, many resorts have snowboarding parks and offer lessons and rentals.

Photos by Colby Stopa and Armand under Flickr Creative Commons
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Top 5 Beaches in Europe to Explore

Europe has been always the top destination for tourists to explore. Whether it is exploring the ancient architectural work, the lifestyle or the bylanes of the cities, European countries offer many things that are worth exploring. From beaches to islands, there is no dearth of places to explore in European countries. If you love exploring beaches and have chosen Europe then there are some top 5 beaches you should not miss to explore.

Sicily, Italy: This is the largest island in the Mediterranean and is blessed with some amazingly designed Greek Temples, Norman Churches, and Baroque Palazzos. Also known as the Riserva di Toree Guaceto, the beach has protected marine life and is the most active nature reserves. This clean beach has diving center, hiking excursions and snorkelling. Bike rentals are also offered to explore the place around.

Ramla I-Hamara- Gozo: Also called as Red Beach, it is located in Malta and is the largest sandy beach in Europe. It has bright orange-red colored sand and is blessed with crystal clear beach. The entire region is virgin with having beautiful looking curving bay with rocky cliffs. The place is widely known for snorkeling and other water adventure. In the year 1981, the statue of Virgin Mary was erected which still stands high. If you love hiking, then visit Calypso Cave which is located on the cliffs. Standing on this cliff, one can get the best view of the beach and surroundings.

Vik, Iceland: Visit Reynisfjara shore close to Vik, Iceland and get enthralled with the beauty it offers. The beach is famous for its black pebble sand and features some amazing cliff which is naturally made up of basalt columns. Along with this, there are some amazingly looking basalt sea stacks and is blessed with rich birdlife that makes this place worth visiting. One has to be careful while visiting this place as the waves are quite strong and unpredictable.

Praia da Cova Redonda- Portugal: This is the real paradise that attracts tourists towards it. The bay here is not the large one but has enough space with full of sheltered nooks and crannies. Its quite extraordinary shape that has been formed in the cliffs due to the erosion looks amazing. Tourist coming from far countries do enjoy visit this place. There are flights from all countries flying down here. Tourists can enjoy cheap tickets offered to fly down to Portugal and get blessed with this amazing beach view.

Virgin Island's Creek- Brittany, France: There is no doubt that France is the top tourist destination and is blessed with some amazing beaches. One of the worth visiting is the Virgin's Island that has Mediterranean beach like setting and has natural cave of lle Vierge which is known as Point of Saint Hernot. It is also the most unusual place in Brittany. There are a number of water sports activities including snorkeling and kayaking that can be enjoyed.

There are many more beautiful beaches in Europe that attract tourists from across the world. If you're planning for long Europe trip then make sure that you visit any of the above-mentioned beaches and enjoy the best moment.

Image by Tommie Hansen via Flickr Creative Commons
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Being A Travel Master - Hunting Cheap Flight Promos Is Very Easy!

Everybody should be happy if can fly on the plane every time they travel. Traveling by airplane offers a lot of benefits. Airplane gives you shorter travel time, resulting in more time to spend at the destination. During the flight, you will be immersed in a comfortable cabin plus the great service from professional crews. Besides, ride on the airplane also feels more elegant and high class. Isn't it?

Back in the past, the airplanes are presented in high prices. Only certain people with higher social economic status can afford to take a trip on a plane. However, the reality is now evolving to the other side.

Nowadays, everyone can afford to buy the flight tickets. It is supported more by the presence of budget airlines that grow so fast these days.

Not only the budget airlines, but the price competition also makes everybody can fly now. The competition directs each airline from each class competing with others to offer the cheaper airfare in order attracting more passengers. As a result, we can see there's plenty special promo is offered by the airlines.

But again. Is everyone can enjoy the promo? Of course, you are, as long as you know the right way to do it.

Already eager to be a travel master? These 7 tricks will show you how easy peasy to always get the cheap flights promotion. You can do each of them one at the time or separately some of them.

1. Follow the airlines social media, especially your favorite one
Besides the official website, social media is one of the most active and responsive sources of information. The entire worlds' popular airlines must have the official social media account. Keep up to date with any newest news about the airlines each time you access your account. The airlines always share the special promo via social media pages. You can also win the interesting price if you actively join the games of the quiz they held. From the social media, the airline company can direct you towards much useful travel news, even to their own blog, official website, and secret pages!

2. Use online travel agent to search and book flight tickets
An online travel agent may become the next primary player in the travel industry. This is one stop solution to book cheap flights after you have been served by detailed and useful infos from the complete list of flights schedule and airlines.

The OTA usually holds their specific special promo. It means, booking a flight on this site directing you to get double deals (one from the official airlines and one specifically from the agencies). You can enjoy the special promo from any airlines just by visiting one website only! No need to take more time browsing!

3. Be a member of the online travel agencies
Enlarge your possibility to earn more special promo by registering as a member of your favorite OTA. As the registered member, you will get more personal and useful update from it. The more you use the OTA, it will offer you more benefit.

4. Subscribe to travel newsletters from airlines and online travel agencies
If you are not feeling secure or willing to be a member, you can choose to just subscribe to the newsletter. Simply give your email to the airline company or the OTA so they can send you the newsletter regularly. Newsletters are filled with more detail travel info and updates, including more specific special promos you can enjoy.

5. Join as frequent flyer miles
If you have favorite airlines and frequently fly with it, consider joining in miles program. It's the priority membership program. This exclusive membership not only promises you more special ticket price, but also many personal benefits. As the miles holder, you can grant the access to the executive lounge, more baggage capacity, and prior check in.

6. Using credit cards as a payment method
Though credit card is risky; we can't deny that this magic card is being the primary payment tool in travel because it's accepted globally. Furthermore, the airlines and affiliate merchant also often hold the special promo for certain credit card holder.

7. Always visit the travel fair in town
Another promo source can be found on the travel fair event. The bigger and more trustable the fair, the bigger and more tempting its promo.

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Have You Booked a Cheap Holiday Deal with a1travel.com to Prague? Here’s What You Need to Know

Prague is the largest and capital city of Czech Republic located in Central Europe. Outstanding architecture, mesmerizing history, scrumptious food, and affordable prices, is exactly what this place offers to the tourists. Prague is a unique city as it is made up of ten different districts and a number of neighborhoods within the districts. It is an ideal place for a weekend getaway. So, if you are planning to spend some quality time alone or with loved ones, but have a tight budget to follow, then here’s all the information you need about what to do and see after you’ve booked a cheap holiday deal with a1travel.com to Prague.

Historical Landmarks

Prague Castle is the oldest landmark overlooking the entire city and famous for its architecture. Additionally, there is also a 14th century bridge which consists of a religious statue called Charles Bridge. The Astronomical Clock and Old Town Prague’s Square on the other hand, are situated on the ancient street and are renowned among the tourists as well. Other historical sites are; St. Nicholas Church, State Opera, Spanish Synagogue, Kostel Panny Marie Pred Tynem, Petrin Hill, and many more.


Just because the place has a rich history doesn’t make it a boring place. Prague also offers a great night for all those whose favorite subject has never been history. The bar and club culture is popular among all age groups. From great music to good-quality beer, there is a lot more fun packed for you here. Some famous bar and clubs are Hemingway Bar, Cloud 9, Absintherie, Ice Pub, Reduta Jazz Club, Chapeau Rouge, Rudolfinum U Zlaheto Tygra, AnonymouS Bar, M1 Lounge Bar & Club, AghaRTA, and a lot more. All these offer exceptional music and themes, which gives the tourist a wide varieties of choices.


What is the best way to explore the city if not walking? Walk around Prague and enjoy the green and beautiful sceneries along the way. Landscapes are the natural beauty of the city which portray its rawness and wild side. Petrin Hill, Vysehrad Park and St. Peter & Paul Church, Letna Park, Vysehrad Park, Collina di Petrin, Slovansky Ostrov-Zofin, The Vrtba Garden, and Divoka Sarka are a few places to name.

Landscapes and Historical Landmarks are free for all, for which you are not required to pay a ticket. You can then make an in-the-budget plan for the nightlife spending and save yourself a great deal of post-holiday blues.

Prague is home to beautiful churches, Charles Bridge, Castle, St. Vitus Cathedral, Dancing House, Theater, Lennon Wall, and so much more. If you have booked a cheap holiday deal with a1travel.com, you will be able to spend more on exploration and food, and less on hotels, which will allow you to visit as many places as your budget allows!

Photo by Roman Boed via Flickr Creative Commons
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Saving Money When You Visit Manchester

When travelling up to Manchester and trying to get out alive with your wallet intact, it is a good idea to focus on saving money from the outset.

Here are a few suggestions for affordable things to do and tactics to use to cut down on expenses during the visit.

Book Ahead

When booking a single or multi-day stay, it pays to book ahead. Quite often it is possible to negotiate a better price or an upgraded room if you book well in advance. This is because hotels worry about their average revenue per available room and one way to manage this metric is to make sure that a percentage of their rooms are always booked even if they have to offer the rooms at a discounted price. Depending on the time of year, smart hotel management know from experience when they'll have vacant rooms, and can offer some early bird discounts to promote more sales. Alternatively you could consider airbnb.co.uk or homeaway.co.uk, they are often cheaper than hotels.

Visiting Manchester City Football Club

For any football fan, visiting Manchester comes with the opportunity to take in one of their famous football clubs. Whilst Manchester United costs a bundle to see their stadium, the Manchester City Football Club opens the doors to the Etihad Stadium for more affordable price. The 90-minute tour includes several knowledgeable football guides who give a running commentary about all things “Man City”. See the dressing room, the walk-out tunnel, the pitch, the room for the press, and the manager’s chair. Discounted Manchester City Football Club memorabilia is available for anyone who's taken the tour.

Find a Good Parking Spot

For anyone who is new to the city, just knowing where to find a good place to park is a bit of a nightmare. Thankfully there are pre-booking websites like yourparkingspace.co.uk that can help with a range of parking spaces and covered or enclosed garages all over the city. For on-street parking Appy Parking is a good solution.

Levenshulme Market

Open every Saturday between March and December, the Levenshulme Market is the best open-air market in Manchester. For anyone who loves to shop but doesn't want to spend too much, there are more than 50 traders who sell plants, gifts, home-ware, vintage clothing, and excellent street food to dig into at affordable prices.

Manchester City Art Gallery

The Manchester City Art Gallery holds impressive collections of paintings by famous artists. Visiting exhibitions also helps rotate the art collections on show. The gallery is free to visit, but donations are welcome to support its operation. It also has a café which gets good food reviews. For parents with kids, there is a children's play area at the gallery too.

Media City

For anyone who has even a passing interest in media, the new home of the BBC and many other TV production companies, is an easy visit by tram from Manchester centre. Impressive architecture which benefits from attractive lighting and the Salford Quay backdrop make this an interesting place to spend a few hours. The Imperial War Museum North, Lowry Theatre and a collection of affordable restaurants and bars is found in the same area.

Manchester isn't as expensive as one would think. It just takes a bit of forward planning, a list of things that you'd like to see and do, and then you can create a plan that cuts out much of the excessive spending by pairing activities down to the essentials.

Photo by Mike Kniec via Flickr Creative Commons

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Berlin’s Coolest Cafes and Restaurants

The dining scene in Berlin has been dramatically transformed in recent years and virtually every type of cuisine is represented by the hundreds of eateries that can be found scattered throughout the city. People who like to dine in style will really be spoilt for choice, while there are also plenty of cheap and cheerful eateries to choose from. Here are some of the coolest cafés and restaurants that the city has to offer.

Les Solistes

This is one of the newest gourmet restaurants to arrive in the Charlottenburg district of Berlin and is run by Michelin starred chef Pierre Gagnaire. Les Solistes serves an imaginative collection of reinventions of classic French dishes with signature dishes such as roasted pigeon in a tangy blackcurrant and cherry compote and foie gras custard with sautéed squid just waiting to be tried in a luxurious setting.

Der Goldene Hahn

The vintage style is all the rage in Berlin right now, which makes Der Goldene Hahn one of the coolest restaurants in the city. The dining room has been decked out like an ancient apothecary with a unique twist in the form of innovative artwork that adds a humorous touch. The red brickwork and chequered tablecloths help to set the scene for the homely cuisine that includes Sicily’s classic cold sweet and sour aubergine stew, gratineed scallops and lamb cutlets. The wine bar comes complete with an extensive list and there are also plenty of cool cocktails for visitors to try.

Bar Raval

This colourful café is a real haven for budget diners who still want to enjoy comfort and style. This restaurant fully embraces the New Spanish wave of restaurants that have hit the city and diners will be able to try an extensive range of tapas dishes that are as kind to the wallet as they are delicious and juicy. The restaurant overlooks the picturesque Görlitzer Park and there are plenty of monthly specials to keep diners coming back for more.

The Bird

Everybody’s heard about The Bird, but if you haven’t you will want to make sure you pay this cool restaurant a visit while spending time in Berlin. The Bird puts a whole new twist on the dining experience and instead of using a knife and fork to cut up main courses, the steaks and other dishes come already cut. The main emphasis here is on dipping the dishes in a selection of tasty sauces, which helps to make the dining experience more fun and light hearted. The restaurant clearly has a good sense of humour, which is reflected in the angry hours daily deals, that run from 6pm to 8pm every day and the interesting names of some of the food and drink on offer.

People who are on a true gastronomic adventure will want to hire a car so that they can travel to all the new eateries that they hear about. Arranging Direct Car Excess Insurance is by far the best way to make sure that you are covered throughout the entire journey and have peace of mind to enjoy the adventure.

Photo by Alexander Cahlenstein
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